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  MT-240 At a Glance
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Avery Brooks ( writes:
This is pretty fun, for a toy. It has some interesting sounds to use for pads (like strings, organs, chorus). It also has some wierd percussion to sample. The cymbals sounds like they are people saying "dawwwwwwww" and stuff, like a vocoder. I used one of the cymbals on an industrial track I did [the one solution]. It is very fun to just screw around with. Use the headphone jack for a 1/8th output if you want to put it into a mixer, or, to even more wierd, distort the sounds by running them, through a mike first. That is fun, it makes the think sound ever crappier than usual!

Comments About the Sounds:
The best things are the wierd ones. The piano sounds like any crappy FM synth, so does most of the others, but it is good for adding a little extra wierdness to tracks, or for sampling from.

(Thanks to Avery Brooks for this info.)
and AMR Junior from Brasil for the pic

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