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jake enk ( writes:
Casiotone MT-200. Here i am, and my bro bought this model like when i was 3 or 4 or something. It's a cute little casiotone - white casing (kind of creamy now) with some silver speaker screens. It's well-built too, has lasted all these years through the abuse of multiple toddlers, and now myself. 2 onboard effects - sustain and stereo chorus. 8 tones and 6 drum patterns. I like the drum patterns a lot, especially the bossa nova and the disco patterns. thick.

Comments About the Sounds:
There are eight sounds - piano, elec piano, organ, elec organ, clarinet (kinda nice), oboe, vibraphone (not bad), and strings. My subjective opinions above really were in comparison to sounds that are around now on standard synths, but these really aren't "poor" when you think of effects and filters. These are classic casiotone sounds, designed for little people. But they can be really awesome if you run them through filters and effects they can come out pretty nice. I use them for sampling and then messing them up. The drum patterns though aren't bad - especially the thickness of the drum sounds. They aren't anything spectacular, they're rather grungy too, but thick.

(Thanks to jake enk for this info.)
and Pieter Noom for the pic

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