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  KX-101 At a Glance
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KiDD ViDEO ( writes:
The Casio KX-101 synthesizer boombox is extraordinarily rare, a veritable legend among Casio enthusiasts... It is very infrequently found on Ebay but winning bids have been documented at over $100.00 US, regardless of condition. The KX-101 features detachable stereo speakers and a fully functional Cassette deck, which has the ability to record from the built in mini-keyboard, and a mic input for your resident MC. Tres cool.

Comments About the Sounds:
The patches and beats are those of the PT-30, or so it is said, with the sound quality being below average for the usually esteemable Casio brand.

(Thanks to KiDD ViDEO for this info.)

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