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  HT6000 At a Glance
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Alex Traska ( writes:
I originally got this model for free because it was originally bought as a state of the art synth, but now i suspect that it is worth next to nothing. Editing of synth parameters is via two data wheels and the patches are selected by tacky plastic push buttons. The volume of the rhythm accompaniment is adjustable, but the rhythms are cheesy so its best to steer clear of them. Despite these problems, however, it can produce some nice pad sounds, but don't buy one for more than around £150.

Comments About the Sounds:
All of the piano's and guitars are cheesy 80's sounds, but it's easy enough to adjust the parameters in the piano patches to make them sound good!

(Thanks to Alex Traska for this info.)
and WC Olo Garb for the pic

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