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azzer writes:
This is probably the best analogue synth that Casio released, I own quite alot of the old analogue Casio keyboards and this is the best, the Mt-65 does its weird attack and release envelopes but this synth has it's own filter section with the ability to change the cut off freq and resonance as well the the VCA attack/decay/sustain envelope. The stereo chorus is excellent, reminds me of the early Roland dimensions effects, and makes the stereo outputs worthwhile. THe "WAW" setting follows the rate of the stereo chorus and adds a wah-wah type filtering of the sound. You can filter all parts of the synth including the analogue drums, bass, chords, synth and noise sections and apparently they are easy to modify.

They are extremely RARE I've only ever seen one advertised on ebay and they command very high prices. Apparently coldcut use a modified MT-400v which is the baby brother of this synth (it has the same boards inside but only mini keys and detached speakers).

I have heard that you can add midi in/out to them but if you can play a little most people just play into their pc/sampler as far as I'm concerned. Find one you will not be disappointed.

Comments About the Sounds:
pure analogue synth from Casio probably the best that that released.

(Thanks to azzer for this info.)
and Mike Edwards for the pic

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