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  CT-670 At a Glance
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Brad Franzella ( writes:
A surprisingly good dept. store keyboard. Picked it up used at a yard sale for $35... it has MIDI IN/OUT/THOUGH... it is multi-timbrial and has some nice sounds. If it had velocity sensitive keys it would be a great unit. It is suprisingly well made and could be considered an instrument (as opposed to a toy). Full sized keys, LED display. FX: detune, delay, attack, release, and pitch bender. It has fairly desent built in stereo speakers and puts out clean sounds.

Comments About the Sounds:
some are good (piano, Organ) most are basic

(Thanks to Brad Franzella for this info.)
and Paulo Sergio for the pic

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The CT-700 model is missing from this list! It's the `big' version of PT750 in fact, as well as an `almost' upgrade to CT-670 described in here. MT-700 does everything as MT-750, except it has large, standard, "Touch-Response" keys, in 5 Octaves. It does NOT offer the 'Envelope Generator' though, as featured by both CT-670 and MT-750 - a major drawback! There's also a `Digital Echo' volume contr

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