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Ruben Schouten writes:
This is definitely NOT a good sound-module. In fact it's more kind of a kids toy. Only very few sounds are useable and the only MIDI it supports is note-on, note-off and program change. Polyfony is fixed to a certain number of notes attached to the four fixed MIDI channels. The only reason why I kept this module is to swap MIDI files with a friend owning a Hohner PK-50, which seems to be using the exact same sound source and specifications.

Comments About the Sounds:
Almost all sound are crap to worse. There are just a few usable synth sounds and the acoustic piano is remarkably good for this kind of toy-sound-module though it doesn't respond to velocity.

(Thanks to Ruben Schouten for this info.)
and Ruben Schouten for the pic

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