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  Casiotone MT-210 At a Glance
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Mike Veneziale ( writes:
I got this keyboard for Christmas in 1985 - my first synth. It's a wonder that it wasn't my last. This thing can be fun, and you can even eke some decent sounds out of it if you have any external effects units; I ran Vibraphone though a delay box and god a decent lead line for one of my songs. Other than that, it is to be treated like a beginner's synth - can be fun, but very cheesy and dispensable. Casio has made much better units than this to say the least. However, it does have built-in vibrato, sustain/reverb, and stereo chorus, so it's somewhat "loaded" considering it's a unit with 20 samples-in memory. But still...

Comments About the Sounds:
Stock Casio mid-80s beginner crap.

(Thanks to Mike Veneziale for this info.)
and Norbert Schultheis for the pic

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