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  SYB-3 At a Glance
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Unaussprechliche Kulten ( writes:
I only use the SYB-3. It's my favorite synth. Small, easy to program, with lot of real analog sounds. i use two of them, with a BOSS digital delay and a BOSS DR 110.

Comments About the Sounds:
The BOSS SYB-3 is a bass synthesizer, looks like a standard effect box buy BOSS.Plug a bass guitar and it will trigg the VCO for create synth sounds, or use the digital filters : 2 distorted wave and 2 auto-wah.The analog sounds are monophonic. The filters are polyphonic.The SYB-3 got a built-in oscillator (VCO) with 3 wave forms : saw, squre, pwm (double-squre). NO knob for noise or a sub-oscillator, so 4 wave forms were added : saw + noise, pwm + noise, saw -1 octave, saw + noise -1 octave.The knobs are : frequency, decay, VCF with cutoff, Dry sound level and Synth sound level (mono or stereo output), mode select.The knobs are very sensitive. You can have almost anything you want. The best sounds are waves, noises, and of course bass.It can be use with a keyboard (a simple electronic organ is better).A

(Thanks to Unaussprechliche Kulten for this info.)
and Phil Timmons for the pic

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