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kulten writes:
well... I own SYB-3 and SYB-5... the SYB-3 sounds like oldschool analog synth... the new SYB-5 sounds more metalic, aggressive, noisy.

goodies SYB-3 : noise generator, autowah, SAW is better than SYB-5.

goodies SYB-5 : LFO, PULSE 2 for robot-like sounds, SQUARE is better than SYB-3.

differences : PWM is based on "square" for SYB-3 and on "pulse 1" for SYB-5. The SYB-5 has an expression pedal input, controling LFO rate.

both have wave shape (normal / reverse) and the four of them are differents ! cool, isn'it ?


yeah !

Comments About the Sounds:
5 wave forms (saw, square, pwm, pulse 1, pulse 2) with lower octave for SAW, double sound (octave) for SQUARE.LFO rate control for SAW and SQUARE.two wave shape for external sound.expression pedal (sold separatly...) input, stereo output.

(Thanks to kulten for this info.)

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