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Paul K Egell-Johnsen writes:
I was very satisfied the with it the first time I used it, it plays GM midi modules much better than similar products.

This is an Amiga audio card (the only of it's kind for Amiga), which at the time was much more satisfying than PC FM synthesis modules. Over the years it has faded slightly, but the user interface of the software makes it easy to configure and play around with new instruments and patches, therefore it's easy to get interesting and unique sounds.

Used together with Bars 'n Pipes (also from Blue Ribbon Soundworks) it is a very good starting point for experimenting with MIDI and GM. It didn't come bundled with that software, but with the Microsoft buyout of Blue Ribbon Soundworks all software were made publicly available, therefore pick it up.

One problem I've had is trying to use E-mu proteus patches supplied via Aminet, they don't seem to be downloadable into the One Stop Music Shop.

This card has the same problem as the E-mu proteus one (see review), in that it makes a pop and hiss when turned on and off.

One thing it lacks is a built in sampler, which would have been the icing of the cake, apart from that, I like it.

Comments About the Sounds:
Easy to redesign the instruments via accompanying software. New instruments can be saved to disk, they can be put into new patches, patches can be saved to disk.

Visual control of envelopes, oscillators, samples to use on the instruments, fading, etc. via software.

Software interfaces directly into Bars 'n Pipes, which can controll the inputs/outputs via it's sequencing software.

(Thanks to Paul K Egell-Johnsen for this info.)

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