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  Retro AS-1 At a Glance
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Eric Oehler writes:
Wow. I never thought a soft-synth could sound this good. Next to Native Instruments Generator, the Retro AS-1 blows away (almost) every stereotype there is in soft ware synthesis. Phat and more phat. This is the future of computer sound. Down to the grit, the AS-1 is a softsynth for Mac or PC. I've tried the demo, so not everything is covered. The keyboard: Nice layout, can be split into upper/lower zones, chords can be played with one finger (4 cheaters), octave adjustment The editor: If you think the presets suck (but why?) you can edit them or build your own using an editor that looks like a modular synth. Three osccillators two filters(more types than can be listed), lots of effects, and modulation such as F.M.and C.M. mean you'll be making sounds into the next century. Midi Proccesor: like the name says. combine sounds (two at max), activate the appregiator, program synth lines, go nuts. Appregiator: standard patterns + make your own :) overall: 4 the bucks it can't be beat. this synth rules

Comments About the Sounds:
killer pads, analog synths, digital synths

(Thanks to Eric Oehler for this info.)
and q for the pic

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