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  Micron At a Glance
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The Malpaso Man writes:
I was gonna buy the ION, but the Micron cost less than the ION at £290 UK pounds compared to £599 for the ION, so I saved a lot of money buying the Micron.

Using the Micron is dead easy, although less knobs to twiddle and more menus to trawl through I don't care, programming is dead easy.

The bonus about this little baby is she is powerful in the sound department like the ION, but the extra features are the Arpeggiator and the much welcomed pattern sequencer and more places to store your user patches (I think another 400+ more of your own user patches) so the new sounds you can create can be endless. Another good added feature is a rhythm pattern generator on the Micron too.

All I can say is really, get your money out and go buy the Micron yourself and see what it can do for you, the results will be quite rewarding, and oh! Alesis have already issued OS updates for the Micron already... a bonus. From what I hear they are selling like hotcakes just now.

Comments About the Sounds:
Clean cut sharp sounds, just like it's big brother the ION, but the Micron is way better. Much more features than the ION, and way cheaper.

(Thanks to The Malpaso Man for this info.)
and none- from Alesis website for the pic

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