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  XE8 At a Glance
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Charles writes:
This is very rare, from what I can tell, ive only seen 2 up for auction (i got one). Most sounds are pretty good ( i have Ambiance and Dry Sound Library Cards.). This would be very hard to understand without the manual, thankfully, i have one. ( I will make copys for a small charge if one is needed ).

Nice envelope porgramablilty, lots of functions can be programmed into this. 8 seperate outs is very nice. Its a bit dificult to understand how to change notes, channels etc at first (only has 3 buttons + a knob for changing things), but gets easier quickly.

Just to avoid confusion, I should say that this hasnt got a sequencer, so you have to have a external sequencer, computer one, or Akai's special drum pad triggers(you need a trigger converter box of some sort also though) to trigger the XE8.

Comments About the Sounds:
The internal kicks are good, i think, the toms sound almost analog.

(Thanks to Charles for this info.)
and Tom Lockwood for the pic

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