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B Guy writes:
Excellent as a source of vintage synth samples if you don't have an analogue synth. The polyphony is no where near as claimed (claimed 32, actual little more than 20 or so it seems) when using big layers, the notes start cutting off. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but it's still a little annoying. The user interface also takes a little getting used to (7 segment LED displays anyone?). However these little problems pale into insignificance when you actually here the sounds. The box is also dirt cheap now (I paid £199 brand new) and for that amount, I'm not complaining!

Comments About the Sounds:
Excellent samples of vintage synths. There are no acoustic sounds, hence the 'crap' rating for these and the drum sounds are not 808 or 909 samples, as you might expect.

(Thanks to B Guy for this info.)
and Tom Beek for the pic

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