Sonic State Music Tech News: 9

Auto-Tune Pro Is Now Available

Latest version hits the stores with a redesigned interface and new features

New Ambisonic Convolution Reverb

Ambi Verb HD features 30 ambisonic room impulse responses

Flux:: Launches Evo Channel

Module-based channel strip plug-in comprised of 5 processing modules

TekkZoo Instruments Bunny Kicker

VST Kick Synthesizer streamlines the process of individual kick drum creation or enhances existing samples

Blue Cat Releases Axiom

Multi effects processor and amp simulation for guitar and bass

Eventide Blackhole Reverb Is NKS-Ready

Plug-In reconfigured to support Native Instruments' Native Kontrol Standard

Native Instruments Launches KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.0

Latest release extends the NKS standard to effects

70 Waves Plug-ins Are Now NKS-Ready

Direct control of parameters from Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE

TC Electronic Revives The 2290

Classic hardware delay returns as a hardware controlled plug-in

Granule - Grain Delay And Temporal Shifter

Puremagnetik's granular delay processor is designed to glitch, bend and tweak your audio

WaveRazor Contextual Editor Now Available

Deep, deep editing for the Media Overkill instrument

Eventide Bundles Three Essential Plug-Ins

Buy UltraChannel, UltraReverb and UltraTap together for $99

Physical Modelling Synth For Macs

Physical Audio's Derailer combines a metal bar and a spring for sympathetic resonances

IK Multimedia Sets 3D Cab Room Free

3D Mic Positioning is now free for all AmpliTube users

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Get That Akai S-950 Grit

RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter is designed to deliver sampler's distinctive 12-bit crunch

Casio VL-1 Secrets

An in-depth look at the Da Da Da synth

Portable Cassette Player With USB Audio

Archive all your old stuff

ACID Pro Loop-Based DAW Returns

Magix releases ACID Pro 8 - its first major update in ten years

STARGAZER Drone Synthesizer

Møffenzeef Mødular says it's a hypnotic vomitron that can shred parallel dimensions

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