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Podcast: Sonic TALK153 - Weezer Snuggies Space Rockers
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robgs    Said...

Going back on last week and the Disney audio - wouldn't they be using some kind of SMPTE set up? after all they are a movie company and the ride is similar to a projector with cogs and sprockets, etc. wouldn't be too hard to rig up some tape loops and sync them to the ride.

12-Nov-09 06:30 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah good point Rob, they might indeed. I would imagine it would or might be easier just to have a massive track count on some kind of HD based loop playback, I imagine that there must be SMPTE to sync the animatronics and the speed/progress of the boats too

12-Nov-09 06:36 AM    Said...

Good show, chaps :P

Took a break from programming and did this riff.... Enjoy

Hmmm.... haven't written anything for years now.... I must be officially retired from music.... LOL



(ps. Feel free to mirror it)

12-Nov-09 10:30 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Nice show again, Nick! So when are the Sonic State snuggies coming? :-)

13-Nov-09 02:46 PM

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