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MusicLive: Digidesign Goes to Eleven
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Fan of everything but the player.    Said...

I love your site and I love the Podcasts, but please, please, please change flash/streaming players cause the ones you use now are insanely inefficient and just constantly stops and buffers.

11-Nov-09 09:07 AM

Nick B    Said...

Really, I dont get that here or at home (where my connection is slow..)

11-Nov-09 11:35 AM

Another fan    Said...

I'm having the same issue and the connection here is pretty fast.

Other than that, keep it up. Things just keep getting better (including the puns).

11-Nov-09 08:10 PM

Nick B    Said...

Okay, where about are you, whats your OS and Browser and flash version - maybe we'll be able to get the bottom of it.

12-Nov-09 02:23 AM

Another Video Whiner    Said...

About the videos - I had the same issue with constant stopping and buffering yesterday evening (Nov 12 around 10 pm EST), but today they are fine. So I don't think it's a browser or OS....

13-Nov-09 11:20 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hmm, could be web congestions, we dont have anything going on that server thats out of the ordinary, sorry about that- hopefully it is cleared up now

13-Nov-09 02:32 PM

Alex    Said...

Great Article!!

22-Dec-09 01:01 PM

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