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Amped: Digitech HardWire Pedals - HT-2, CM-2 and SC-2
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Darfuria    Said...

"I've been Chappers, you haven't" - Man, more people should say that (although obviously replacing Chappers with their own name).

Really loved the last pedal. The one that made you do the schoolboy chuckle at the harmonic.

05-Nov-09 10:37 AM

Nisse    Said...

I actually had a hard time to hear the sound coming out of the speaker as the acoustic sound from the Strat was so loud.

05-Nov-09 03:08 PM

Griffo    Said...

Nice demo as usual. Hopefully i'll end up getting all of these pedals except the metal one and the normal orange distortion one. I just need to get the chorus and i think i've then got all the ones i want.

The CM-2 is epic. I love how when i turn the pedal on, you can't really tell except for the greater amount of gain. It sort of blends nicely with your tone when turned on. Hard to explain but i think you all know what i mean! Haha ¬_¬

The delay/looper pedal in the HardWire range is also amazing (like all the range!)

Looking forward to the next parts!

06-Nov-09 04:19 AM


All the essentials covered....tuner, distortion, more distortion :D

They're amongst the best of the solid state pedals that are commonly available and you do them justice with a great review - good job.

06-Nov-09 02:30 PM

s ford    Said...

Chappers is a legend.

"when they are throwing beer at you... or meat...."

10-Nov-09 05:04 AM

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