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A More Affordable Tenori-On
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mystic radio    Said...

i always thought TENORI-ON was a little TENORI-OFF on the price... its plastic. looks like Fisher Price could put it out.. it goes. blip blurp blop.. its an incidental piece and a grand is just ridiculous.

05-Nov-09 05:58 PM

Tesla    Said...

The Tenori on midi sync issue is actually fixed quite easily.

In the current O.S. There is an command in the "play" menu that resets the tenori on sequencer to the first step of any of its 16 patterns.

I would estimate that about 50 percent of the people/tenori on owners who hate on the Tenori on are a bunch of posers whom have either never touched one before or who bought it just because it looks "cool"

For the record I play live with the tenori on as a part of an all hardware set up and have kept my tenori on midi synced to my MPC 1000 for well over 80 minutes on a regular basis in a club environment.

It's not perfect but it is very good....

Prob in the future many other pieces of hardware and software will be inspired by it.

More user voices please!

17-Nov-09 12:39 PM

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