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Amped: Line 6 Spider IV and FBV Shortboard
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ShadyDave    Said...

That's a very balanced view of the SpiderIV - and probably one that's going to take a lot of Line6 H8rs by suprise.

For the money you're in direct competition with the Peavey Vypyr and Vox Valvetronix as well as the amps you mentioned so essentially it comes down to two factors - what do you like the sound of, how reliable is it.

I'd say the Line6 is roughly equivalent tonally, but ahead of the game in terms of reliability.

16-Oct-09 11:29 AM

Sted    Said...

Nice review Rob, think that review will raise a few eyebrows but I applaud your honesty!

Not quite ready to trade in my tubes yet though!

16-Oct-09 11:54 AM


you should definitly check out the spider valve it's way better in my opinion

great review btw

16-Oct-09 12:02 PM

Mojo292    Said...

Nice review mate, loved the Star Wars, lmao!!

16-Oct-09 09:09 PM

TheSpence    Said...

The force is strong with this one!

I've always found that the Spider's Insane setting left something to be desired. Rob seems to have gotten a great tone out of it, though, so either I'm completely wrong (and should thus be ignored) or its down to his technique!

17-Oct-09 06:08 PM

Tracy Evans    Said...

Nice work. I really like your video production style as well as the comprehensive info presented. Very thoughtful approach to the digital vs. tube foolishness that most people enjoy taking sides upon.

I just picked up a Peavey Vypyer 30 to try out. I am hoping it will be quiet enough for a bedroom amp.

21-Oct-09 09:45 PM

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