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Apple Pledges To Let Anyone Release iTunes LP Albums
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Dave    Said...

Apple never charged anything for this !

Were do you guys get off printing lies ? Please get your facts strait before saying the things you guys do ...

After listening to a podcast where Nick freaked out about no firewire 400 ports on new macbook pros ... without presumably knowing and certainly without reporting that the 800 port would run a 400 device your MAC info has remained suspect to my eyes and ears . As it turns out not without good reason .

14-Oct-09 06:52 AM

Nick B    Said...

The source for this story is quoted as "Word is Apple charges a $10,000 production fee for iTunes LP. That’s according to the boss of US indie label Chocolate Lab, Brian McKinney."

Lies are certainly not what we intend to print. We will look into this a little more. Do you know they didnt charge for sure - would be happy to let our readers know..

I'm not sure I remember that I've ever "freaked out" about anything really.

I seem to remember it was actually about no firewire at all on mac books - but I may not recall that correctly - which episode?

14-Oct-09 08:45 AM

James Lewin    Said...

Dave -

Before you accuse anyone of "printing lies", you may want to give the two articles we've published on the issue another look.

We have not stated as a fact that Apple is charging $10,000 a pop for making iTunes LP files, but that this is what an indie label owner was told when he wanted to put out an iTunes LP release.

The thrust of both articles was that iTunes LP is a format that has a lot of potential, yet it hasn't gone anywhere since it was announced.

Opening up the format and documenting iTunes LP could be a win for both Apple and indie artists.

14-Oct-09 05:35 PM

Doug    Said...

This can be done fairly easily with a little know how.

For a great example of a 'home made' iTunes LP, check out the Tuesday Spoils one that is floating around the web

14-Oct-09 10:37 PM

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