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Why Won't Apple Let You Release Your Music As An iTunes LP?
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Mark    Said...

Because apple's too stingy to let people release poor quality products.

10-Oct-09 03:43 AM

Roger De Courcey    Said...

10k for the animatronics and vids etc, and i take it the artist supplies EVERYTHING. So , other than the coding, what do the itunes team do ? Its tough as it is , what with marketing and composing, together with production, mastering et al all handled by the artists themselves.

In effect, its only the biggies who can do this, cause theyll hire a team, who is paid by their own team , to pay the team at itunes to deliver.


10-Oct-09 05:44 AM

DBM    Said...

Well ... This is an experiment to: push the album format vs. singles Conceived by apple as a solution to save major labels / a value vs. p2p / A new format vs. Apples past tried and true . I imagine if it works out they will open it up .... assuming it is apple who owns the LP format exclusively .

That said I hope it works out as I have been planing to to something like this myself since 1999 but never could find a format I thought would work .

10-Oct-09 12:05 PM

Sammy    Said...

This is nonsense. And this is exactly why I never bother to write music anymore. No one would appreciate it even if it were stellar.

11-Oct-09 11:00 PM

Trevor    Said...

Read a short Q&A with Brian McKinney @

12-Oct-09 02:15 PM

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