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Eigenharp: Interview with Eigenlabs Founder - part 2
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JZ    Said...

I really hope this or something like it makes it soon. The world is long overdue for an original digital instrument.

This in it self isn't something totally new, it's more like just a combination of the best features of some older instruments. But in that it seems great, taking from the guitar, the piano, drums and wind instruments. It kind of combines every intrument known to man so far into an opening for the digital instrument era.

09-Oct-09 02:35 PM

Justin K    Said...

Did I miss something or at some point are we going to actually get to hear someone play this thing?

24-Oct-09 02:09 PM

dok whammo    Said...

seriously - how are we supposed to get excited about some "revolutionary new instrument" if the thing costs $6500??

come on bro

24-Oct-09 09:53 PM

Justin K    Said...

Agreed. As neat as it is, my money is on epic fail.

25-Oct-09 09:33 AM

zam    Said...

would be nice to see someone play the thing. an how much will it cost an how diffecult to learn it

26-Oct-09 11:25 AM

Justin K    Said...

Well I searched through Youtube....and I still cant honestly say I have seen anyone actually playing this thing yet. I saw what appeared to be an instrument playing itself with guys pushing buttons that didn't appear to change much of anything tonally....and in one of the videos there seems to be about a second latency from the time he pushing the button until a beat sounds off.


30-Oct-09 03:22 PM

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