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Brian Wilson To Finish The Incomplete Songs Of George Gershwin
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Greg66666    Said...

Gershwin created great music (and had great collaborators) coming out of having deep roots and influences from Jewish musical tradition, Broadway, Black gospel and blues tradition and a strong classical background. Even at Brian Wilson's pop height with the Beach Boys in the 60's he couldn't touch Gershwin and having listened to Brian's latest stuff, unless I'm missing something, I don't know why anyone would think he could add anything to the Gershwin legacy.

09-Oct-09 11:29 AM

Beachboys fan    Said...

Hmm, I would have to agree the Wilson brand is obviously a great big one, but his talents kind got erased with the years of abuse and medication and reliant on leeching quacks.

It is a really bizarre idea

09-Oct-09 12:15 PM

KillTheMouse    Said...

Disney, huh? I'm surprised they didn't give this honor to the Jonas brother and Hanna Montana...

09-Oct-09 01:16 PM

George Martin    Said...

SMILE sucked, Give it up Brain. The Beatles Won,

09-Oct-09 02:33 PM

Roger Mcgeough    Said...

I used to love and respect Brian Wilson, simply for creating some of the most amazing music of the last century. I thought the old smile fragments and the newer smile were astounding achievements.

This, however, is a multi-million dollar piss on a dead genius' grave. Shameful

10-Oct-09 05:47 AM

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