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AMPED: Mayones Regius Reviewed By Chappers
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Fred the Shred    Said...

I can personally confirm the amazing quality of Mayones' guitars, as I've played quite a few live and own a Setius 7 myself.

Great review from Rob, as always. ;)

08-Oct-09 12:02 PM

Mojo292    Said...

Nice review, Wow, what a stunning guitar! Beautiful! ;-)

08-Oct-09 12:19 PM

Sokton89    Said...

Great review! ;-) That guitar is just awesome as well!

08-Oct-09 12:41 PM

Darfuria    Said...

Wow, what a beautiful looking and awesome sounding guitar. Fantastic.

08-Oct-09 01:22 PM

sted    Said...

for some reason i like the back better than the front! Great guitar though.

08-Oct-09 03:19 PM

ShadyDave    Said...

Absolutely beautiful guitar - I've wanted one for some time and although there is stiff competition in that price bracket they still stand out as exception.

Nice review Rob.

10-Oct-09 03:44 AM

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