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Kandy Kolored Korgs
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graham    Said...

.. because it's easier than innovation.

07-Oct-09 06:52 AM

Mystic radio    Said...

OMG Graham I totally agree. Its time for Korg to start building REAL synthesizers... something new...beyond re-hashing the same old engines since Trinity. The new piano looks like a start. But time for them to build something to ASTONISH us.....I mean for god's sake. they didnt even take their flagship OASYS any further. Just did an offshoot called M3.....get off your asses Korg and innovate.

07-Oct-09 01:44 PM

DBM    Said...

Think someone on the M3 R&D was a Waldorf Wave fan ?

07-Oct-09 11:21 PM

peterkadar    Said...

I have to disagree a bit with Mystic Radio... I think the Radias, and the M3 are very innovative and great sounding machines. I love how I can take the M3 brain away from the keyboard, and just fly with that to gigs... no more worries about backline.

But I do agree with a few things as well... these M50's are just designed to dazzle.. I think it's worth it to save up and get an M3 because of al the things one gains.

Also, I think it's unfortunate that they didn't push the Oaysys further... but they did release some very high end stuff for it... but still, who has 9K to spend on a synth??

The new piano looks great, but I'm stuck because it won't do splits and layers, which for me is essential.

10-Oct-09 07:19 PM

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