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Eigenharp Unveiled
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Rob Willson    Said...

It is a very interesting concept but how is the controller played? The alpha looks as though it may follws a guitar type layout akin to the starr labs guitar style controller. But the Pico appears to foolw a different principle.

Please explain. With wind control aswell very expressive possibilities.

06-Oct-09 04:22 AM

Nick B    Said...

Video is being edited as we speak. I was not able to attend the launch, so I dont know exactly what we have, but I'm sure it will makes things much clearer

06-Oct-09 04:26 AM

Funkdefino    Said...

The Star Wars Cantina Band on Mos Eisley is feverishly awaiting their Eigenharps... Or so I've heard...

06-Oct-09 07:32 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I hear that the English cricket team have ordered a dozen of the Picos as their new secret weapon after being pummeled by Australia.

Hopefully, the thing is a class compliant MIDI controller as well as requiring a Mac to get any sound out of the it.

06-Oct-09 07:51 AM

robgs    Said...

Looking forward to the Jordan Rude-ass endorsement. ;-)

06-Oct-09 04:51 PM

Nicky    Said...

Looks quite interesting but at 4000 quid it has to do more that pique interest and unfortunately it just seems to be able to do the same as other gear already out there, although you may need one or two different pieces of gear to do as much, but thats why more than one musical instrument/controller has been invented after all!

I think you could buy a beautiful Zendrum, an AKAI wind controller, a decent midi keyboard (maybe M Audio) and some kind of midi guitar system for less money than this controller; and that is why, although excited about something new, I won't be shelling out for the jack of all trades eigenharp!

06-Oct-09 05:05 PM

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