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Korg USA nanoSERIES Controllers Promotion
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Spoony G    Said...

They should come with a nice garbage can to throw them into, instead. They're very cheap 'n flimsy looking.

I was at a music store where a salesman held up one of the nano controllers he had under his desk . . . it looked like a cheap toy. Even the salesmen were slagging off the nano-series controllers.

The Akai laptop products, on the other hand, are extremely well-built. I've got the drum pad one, and I rock all day with it.

Well, almost all day.

Ok, not EVERY day, but I've got it, and I enjoy it very much, thank you.

06-Oct-09 07:39 AM

Apple IIe    Said...

Nano in your choice of space age white or sleek black and for the Hub .....uhhhm 1992 PC beige or cigaret stain if you prefer . lol

06-Oct-09 07:46 AM

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