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Play Live With Novation's Launchpad
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The Guvnor    Said...

Mmmmm... I want one of these.

Not sure how effective it is going to be for controlling fader values in the Mixer Mode but as a trigger device it looks great for the price.

I'm waiting for the Max For Live + LaunchPad Tenuri-On clone applications to start rolling in.

And the fact it can be used as a MIDI controller is a big plus also.

Roll on November...

02-Oct-09 12:27 AM

DBM    Said...

Yea I would love to see a 64 step or 128 step sequencer Max Patch

02-Oct-09 02:17 AM

robgs    Said...

Mmm.. I feel a purchase coming on! I've been considering a Monome but wasn't really up for doing all the programming that was involved with that option ( being a lazy sod and all).

02-Oct-09 04:53 AM

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