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Native Instruments' Traktor Controller
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CD    Said...

Nice, just bought the total control that by the way works great!

30-Sep-09 04:07 AM

benjah    Said...

sounds great, I need a MIDI controller for traktor. The one I'm using doesn't have enough buttons/ knobs for the fx and filters in traktor.

30-Sep-09 06:32 AM

Practiced    Said...

This, to me is sad. We now honor, not great musicianship but any douche-bag that can feel a beat (primal and innate in every human), navigate a file structure and twittle some knobs on a count of 4, 8 or 16. "Ooh! He's so nuanced." There is no music here. This guy wouldn't know a lydian mode if you slapped him silly with it.

30-Sep-09 08:09 PM

051R15    Said...

Practiced - Richie Hawtin is one of the ambassadors and originators of minimal techno, currently one of the only experimental genres. As a classically trained composer, I find this to be one of very few areas of contemporary music that provides intellectual stimulation and that doesn't involve simply hacking away at overheard chords and scales. It is primarily derived from the classical minimal school and from music concrete. Along with this I feel how he performs is his business, the point is we need more people like Hawtin who actually think outside the box - a rare thing to find in modern music. I take offence to your comment. Get over yourself and open your mind...

01-Oct-09 01:35 AM

Practiced    Said...

051R15 - Sorry, Harry Partch, Stockhausen, Stravinsky, Glass, Riech, Eno and on and on... THESE were and are experimental composers. They pushed the medium.

This guy is controlling disco music from the 70's without the Bee Gee's voices on top singing Night Fever.

This guy is loading software, pressing keys, and turning knobs (with a moderate degree of attention to timing), That makes him as much and 'experimental musician' as my cable guy.

He's NOT a musician. He's a technician at best.

A 10-year-old with a Wii can do what this guy does.

I too am classically trained. And for you to put this guy on the same par as the aforementioned REAL geniuses is an insult the their contributions.

"currently one of the only experimental genres"? You need to get out more.

"primarily derived from the classical minimal school and from music concrete"? Boy that's a stretch.

HE'S A DJ! Fiddling knobs that manipulate pre-recorded samples (that someone with actual musicianship had to play). He's not a musician.

01-Oct-09 11:24 AM

012    Said... Richie its technical god and you say that its not a musician!its a musician because its an amazing producer also not only a dj,just click!

01-Oct-09 11:42 AM

VCF    Said...

I miss vinyl.........

05-Oct-09 08:11 AM

Sgt. Milk    Said...

Practiced... Just because he is presenting a sequenced dj performance doesn't mean anything about the artist. Hawtin is a composer and I know for a fact that he knows what a mode is. I think the world is over people ripping on dj's at this point. But Hawtin is a composer first and foremost, the Dj gigs pay his bills. I encourage you to email him through facebook or find him on twitter and engage him in a music theory conversation. You might find a new friend.

20-Oct-09 04:34 PM

Sgt. Milk    Said...

And another thing. Why doesn't Practiced make a minimal track and post it for all of us to hear. I am sure with all of your knowledge of minimal composition, you will be able to blow us away. I am looking forward to it. It is not that easy dude. To fill space with the simplest of sounds and make it interesting is friggin hard. So please don't rip on someone you know nothing about.

20-Oct-09 04:37 PM

Panospylar    Said...

OK, so my thoughts on the NI traktor controller>>>

first of all the structure of the controller gives out that you don't really need 2 of those (meaning one for every channel), richie as uses in the live setup. Also the controller itself is not as bulky as it seems in the video, because if you look closer you can see that the thing with the NI logo is just a big rubber-ish stand to elevate the whole thing. What this also shows is that the product is in the consumer market, rather in the professional one, because when without the stand it is relatively thin and suitable for desktop use, next to a laptop or something. Next, it seems that it is symmetrical (same things in both sides) and the upper part is designed to control traktor's effects (4 button-knob sets).There probably is a knob per side to choose effects and 2 buttons again per side for assigning the effects to the 2 channels. maybe the last knob is a dedicated filter control as the one we see in traktor pro above the eq. then the buttons on the bottom could be loop controllers and even double as hot cue triggers. I dont know about you guys but reading the above seems to me as the description of my dream traktor fx/loop controller...

27-Oct-09 06:45 AM

Parker    Said...

I will give respect to him. Let me see you go up there and do it. Talk all the latest gear crap you want. Hate the fact that this guy is up there rocking beats and people are dancing. Not your speed, then don't go or listen to it. Its your right. Inspire yourself and revert your negative energy to make or listen to music that moves you. These guys pretty much laid the ground work for the beats we hear on the radio today. Been done before..yes it has And now they are producing the shit out of it. What do we do from this point? I personally think that if Im going to buy a ticket or go to some random warehouse party,club I want the DJ to play loud, rock it and transition my brain into thinking that this is the place i want be RIGHT NOW!

13-Sep-12 02:59 PM

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