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Steinberg Ships CI2 Studio
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matt searles    Said...

Err, Is it ok to post negative comments about such things? I mean great happy talk.. but I still have no idea what the hell they're talking about for half of it.. What is this AI integration? And considering it comes one or another version of Cubase.. you would think they would want to try communicating with folks who haven't already memorized all there other marketing speak?

So it's clearly aimed at NewBee's ha? I mean it sounds like it's just a cheap.. depending on what the price is, way to get started.. which is great and all.. But I'm guessing it's not 1/20th as uber goovy as they're saying.. I'm guessing that there are already tools out there that do the same thing.. but in a platform agnostic way.. which.. you know.. if you're jumping from a main DAW to Reason to Ableton Live.. is kinda what you really want.. and you want Cubase to be so smart regardless of what sorta controller you might use..

err, sry, just in a grumpy mood

29-Sep-09 12:44 AM

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