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Eigenlabs Intros New Electronic Instrument, The Eigenharp
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Evan R.    Said...

Does it come with a factory soundset from moby? Shouldn't they be teasing some of the sounds it makes?

28-Sep-09 12:28 PM

Karplus    Said...

I have a problem with the comments made by reviewers which say "this may just be a gimmicky controller" or "I don't want to learn to play a new instrument."

Have we been so indoctrinated by the keyboard controller and the lack of a decent guitar controller to beleive they are the best choice?

I would gladly learn to use a new controller if it had more subtle and powerful to control the sound of synthesizer.

Imagine a finger sized velocity sensitive, pressure and after-touch sensitive button that had freely assignable x-y movement parameters. If it also had a freely assignable breath controller. I would work to become a virtuoso on such a controller. You could spend a 3 minute single on one note. Add to that metalic contact points around all the buttons and you would have to learn a lot. But all that control would be worth it.

This is the very best that the eigen harp could be. A violin of electronic music. We could have a new outbreak of avantgarde musician the quality of the one or two theramin virtuosos.

If it has onoard sound generating divices that would hold it back. It would be like allowing a Stradivarius to become dated by putting a built in Bossanova rhythm generator. Synthesis technologies will improve but a powerful controller can stand the test of time.

02-Oct-09 07:06 PM

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