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Multipurpose Synth With Layered Architecture
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CD    Said...

Nice, a SH-101 plugin!

18-Sep-09 06:13 AM

Mick    Said...

Perhaps a focus group might have helped with this one, try saying Shiotor with an Oirish accent and it might reveal a slight unpleasantness

18-Sep-09 03:33 PM

m-clis    Said...

MAN!!! I hope it'll sound as it looks!

19-Sep-09 10:20 AM

SammyJames    Said...

I like the layered approach. I also like d16 stuff. I've yet to pick up their great Drumazon, but I'm hoping to purchase it soon.

The only problem that I have with this synth is that -- once again -- we are greeted by an array of KNOBS. When will software companies understand that knobs are practically useless for mouse input? All digital systems move in steps -- and not analagously -- as do analog systems. IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

19-Sep-09 09:47 PM

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