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Gibson And Hendrix
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Jimi must be turning over in his grave. Gibson should stick to SG's,Flying V's,for Hendrix models and stop with this stratocaster rip off nonsense! Too many companies have done this allready!They can not make a Jimi hendrix fuzz box or any other unit,because Jimi did not use any effect units,that were made by Gibson to begin with! I am a loyal user of Gibson guitars for many years, but Gibson needs to re-think this Hendrix campaine.Hendrix was seen with Gibson flying V's or Les Paul with the (SG shape)3 pickup fretless wonder Custom guitar,which has been out of production for at least 3 decades now! Stratocasters are made by Fender,as far as Jimi is concerned.What is Jannie thinking here????

11-Oct-09 02:25 AM

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