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VST Analog Drum Machine
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loneraver    Said...

Sounds interesting but it needs a step sequencer and possibly a GUI overhaul before I consider it.

14-Sep-09 12:03 PM

Radiophobic    Said...

Bit crusher on the base drum, but not on the hats?

Don't know why, but plugins that are marketed as analogue are starting to get on my nerves.

14-Sep-09 04:06 PM

Juniper7    Said...

Hmm, GUI over sound... okay. And from what I've gathered, it is analog modeled. I dunno, I dig it.. definitely does something different with the tech. Sounds like neither of you even used it... still, I'm sure your comments are appreciated.

15-Sep-09 05:28 AM

Arsonogin    Said...

Just bought it. Love the control Would be cool if it had a sequencer, but personally I don't load my plugins into anything that isn't already a sequencer.

15-Sep-09 05:29 AM

chrystahlmethid    Said...

Dude have you ever tried to bit crush a synthesized hi hat? Doesn't quite work out so well, at least that's my guess.

But oh well, I don't like red.

15-Sep-09 05:34 AM

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