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Korg microSAMPLER- Official Release
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Sammy    Said...

Wow. It looks like they might have a serious winner with this one. Even *I* am considering it at some point. Very cool.

12-Sep-09 04:37 PM

L.O. Tech.    Said...

This looks like it might be great, but one thing I didn't see on a high res pic of it is a attack control. This was the one thing that kills me to this day about the Electribes (I have the 1st generation ones) if it just had that one thing they would be perfect to me! There are ways around it, but I will be so annoyed if they didn't include it on this one too.

12-Sep-09 04:37 PM

S R DHAIN    Said...

this looks like a cracker on paper. And theyve re-used the microkorg design/case too. th ereal cherry, is so much packed in for less than 500 notes, which is probably the BIGGEST deal grabber right now ( note the DSI TETRA at the same price)

13-Sep-09 10:56 AM

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