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New Mackie Onyx i Series Promise ProTools
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This mixer is unavailable anywhere in the UK and Europe. I also made contact with a couple US outlets. Apparently there is/was a problem with the build quality and components of the initial shipment from China. Mackie are currently seeking to rectify this which means the 1640i model may not be available until much closer to Christmas. Any official comments avaiable from Mackie US?

24-Nov-09 09:40 AM

Ryan Cassady    Said...

Representing Mackie, Communications Lead, Ryan Cassady:

There have been no quality control issues that would delay any shipments. In fact, we are working hard to keep up with demand. Be assured that the quality of our new mixer line is top-notch and mixers are shipping out to dealers consistently.

24-Nov-09 12:55 PM


Thanks for the clarification Ryan. I have also just rang a couple main UK retailers and they have the mixer in stock. How coincidental is that? Order going in now!

27-Nov-09 10:26 AM

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