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Record Hits The Stores
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im sorry... but NO WAY will anyone buy this who bought 3rd party software synths... and have a big investment in them.... RECORD .. doesnt support vst...just their own proprietary Reason.. what where they thinking.....oh well....we'll see how they sell.. personally im going with STUDIO ONE presonus

09-Sep-09 01:30 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

The Props have always said that they don't support 3rd party plug-ins for the simple reason that they can optimize the product that way, although for some reason (no pun intended) my PC cant even load certain Reason-produced songs as it is considered not 'powerful' enough, even though I have no trouble loading tracks with my other DAWs.

I for one own Reason 4 and am treating this as a $150 upgrade to 'Reason 5' and not as the touted mini-DAW and am eagerly awaiting the usual 'box 'o' software & 'bonus' stickers.

Reason is a pretty good self contained fun-to-use program to bang out tracks on and being able to record external audio now is a big plus that was missing from the original, but I agree with you that the lack of VST support is a major pain (I use Ableton & Cubase for these - another big investment).

09-Sep-09 07:41 PM

Entourage    Said...

This would normally seem like a dull addition to Props line of products.. kind of 'too little, too late' But Holy God, that mixer sounds AMAZING!! Seriously, it sounds so fantastic.. I was absolutely amazed with my final mixes! I'm tired of these over-boated DAWS that are made for engineers more so than musicians. This is perfect for musicians, without any loss on the sound quality. Really. Give the demo a try & be amazed by this fabulous mixer, you will be amazed. I came into this cynical, believe it or not, but have been CONVERTED!

So long Sonar 8.. you've been an OK companion but I'm not an engineer & Record's final product actually sounds better than anything I ever made from you!

09-Sep-09 10:06 PM

Nick b    Said...

thats really interesting Entourage, it's not often you hear about the sound of a DAW, I think we usually assume that its all 1s and 0s so how can it be different. Are you using the same audio hardware for both systems?

10-Sep-09 02:19 AM

Mystic radio    Said...

that means for me to use my OMNISPHERE.... IVORY..... PHILHARMONIK VSL etc.. id have to buy a RECEPTOR or v-machine and input my softsynths thru audio.... more expense.

10-Sep-09 11:48 AM

mikebeck    Said...

I like the mixer, too. I figure it's probably got a modeled sound, just like a lot of other plugins, except these models are built in rather than added on. I was able to get a 24 track "band" mix sounding good very quick. I could see using it for mixing only.

10-Sep-09 09:50 PM

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