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Is This The Future Of Music Education?
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This is absolutely brilliant. The world just got a little bit better!


09-Sep-09 10:04 AM

e cantera    Said...

Yes indeed the internet can revolutionize music education but be careful! Music education means taking a student through a legitimate set of skills and information in a sequential manner. Learning songs by video is not music education though it certainly may have its place (the guitar world is littered with this type of learning for example).

The internet gives great teachers a way to communicate with a large audience and it also it gives lousy teachers the same opportunity. For a glimpse of what music education online can be - take a look at the following video:

09-Sep-09 02:46 PM

Howard Beale    Said...

Yes, where else can you get a teacher of his level? Well, in my view...pretty much anywhere. Music Education is filled with "musicians who teach" that present music in the same way they were taught. Focusing the goal as "learning a song" rather than learning a language. In how many spoken languages do you start your path by reading a book? None! You learn the alphabet, you learn words, you learn the basics in a sequential order.

Just because something is on YouTube does not give it validity. In most cases it is poor information taht will frustrate a student and guide them on the wrong path. If something is free, you're likely getting what you paid for.

Learning the language of music is NOT tedious or boring. It sets you on course to enjoy music for the rest of your life rather than giving up because all you've learned in your hours staring at Tabs online is how to half-a###d play the intros to "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Stairway To Heaven".

09-Sep-09 02:54 PM

Dirk    Said...

I don't think this helps any further. Check this instead:

23-Nov-09 02:46 AM

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