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Radiohead Guitarist Argues MP3s Good Enough For Everyone
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DJ Sean Sax    Said...

Co-sign. Although the reference to "30 something" being old is hurtful :-)

04-Sep-09 04:46 PM

Lui Pina    Said...

If Mp3s are good enough, then we we can stop tracking and mixing at 24/96, stop buying overpriced gear, bloated recording studios can go away and we can all pull our cassette portastudios out again... Sounds good to me! (We made better music with the old gear anyways...)

04-Sep-09 06:38 PM

Andrew V    Said...

I'm 52 and I agree with you. I'm cool with MP3. I have 3 teenagers and there in d'load heaven. Go with the times you other oldies and let go of the bigger is better.


05-Sep-09 12:26 AM

fight mp3    Said...

well, read my avatar name.

But unfortunataly he´s right.

Music is produced and mastered in so bad manners these days that mp3 just cannot destroy any hifidelity, because ist wasn´t there at the first place - esp. if your into pop music.

And if you are only into Pop, spending more than $2000 on a HiFi setup is futile, believe me I have done intense testing.

Problem is I DON`T hear pop anymore. So MP3 is out for me.

People telling that mp3 is fine either never had a top range HiFi setup or never listen to anything else than Pop.

These two characteristics I found nearly always combined for the people telling me mp3 is fine.

and besides that I co-sign with Lui Pina.


Pop as definition of Billboard Chart-Like music incl. but not limited to Pop, Rock, Metal, HipHop, Rap.

05-Sep-09 08:54 AM

CR78    Said...

No problem, but I'm still loving buying 7"/12"/LP vinyl......tactile.

05-Sep-09 11:42 AM

31st middle aged audio geek    Said...

some music survives mp3 compression, some other doesn't. Almost nothing survives bitrate 128k or less. Mp3 kills reverbs and sound attack

05-Sep-09 02:12 PM

Velocipede    Said...

I think he is basically correct. The key elements of music are still conveyed by mp3s. Rhythm, melody, harmony, lyrics, and even dynamics if they were there before file-size compression.

This does not mean that audiophiles are wrong for wanting something better and being able to enjoy higher-quality recordings.

05-Sep-09 03:39 PM

T-nut    Said...

MP3 sucks. Apple lossless, FLAC or .WAV, FTW. Besides, the guy is a guitarist so his hearing is crap.

05-Sep-09 09:20 PM

Spooge    Said...

You've gotta be kidding. Mp3's sound like crap. The loss of sound you get compared to a wav file is disheartening to say the least. Mp3's are only good for background listening and portable devices.

06-Sep-09 12:50 AM

Union Of V    Said...

Even just moving down from 128kbps to 98kbps made my music sound completely different, and I don't exactly fit into that description...

But I completely agree with MP3's destroying the album, I hate finding a brilliant little-known artist on someone else's iPod only to find they only have one or two songs of theirs. Listening to an album straight through is anexperience in itself.

06-Sep-09 02:22 PM

madmax    Said...

Mp3's are only good for background listening and portable devices.

But isn't that how most people listen to music nowadays?

07-Sep-09 12:22 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

I'm OK with mp3s for free music, but I won't PAY for reduced fidelity media.

With terabyte drives becoming commonplace, the need for file compression will disappear in a few more years. Roughly 1900 hours of stereo CD audio per TB...that's a lot of music.

10-Sep-09 06:47 AM

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