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Podcast: Sonic TALK144 - Robot For Piano, Meece For Music
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L56    Said...

Great that there was a podcast again this week, but did someone else notice that Nick's voice was extraordinary bassy?

All the other voices were fine, but Nick's voice just pounds and pounds on the ears, which is not nice to listen to. Not you personally Nick, just the recording :)

Never had trouble with your other podcasts...

03-Sep-09 02:40 PM

Justin K    Said...

On the matter of voice. Dont know about how bassy Nicks voice is because I haven't listened to this cast yet. He was testing out different mics though so maybe thats it. However, this podcast always seems overly compressed/hard limited as I have to turn the volume way down just to make it bearable. I also roll off the highs but thats because Skype sucks.

03-Sep-09 07:06 PM

Nick B    Said...

Hmm, thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look at the mix, I did move back to logic for the post and so the eq/dynamics would have changed somewhat.

I've been using the same mic for weeks, so it must be the process.

04-Sep-09 02:28 AM

Colin    Said...

As an art student and musician/sound artist I find the talk about it being harder to innovate to be a bit amusing.

Sure we all have the technology now to do the production techniques (if you take the time to read the manual), but what made that clip about Money interesting isn't that they looped the audio - that had been done a lot before Dark Side of the Moon - but that they thought something along the lines "Hey, if we get some coins, some paper, a bowl, and the sound of a cash register we can make a cool rhythmic thing."

Somehow the tradition of musique concrète has remained innovative, probably because there are so many cool undiscovered sounds out there. My friends and I needed a bushed snare sound but didn't have brushes, a working snare, and samples of brushed snares sound crappy, thus I got out a broom, and we recorded rhythmic sweeping on the floor.

Best of luck fixing those quality issues in post, and thanks again for the lovely show!

04-Sep-09 01:53 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Robot hands.. I don't think that's learning, it's conditioning. I wonder what that makes the music that "it" plays? What a nightmarish vision..

08-Sep-09 10:48 AM

DPtronics    Said...

On Pink Floyd's song Money the time signature is in 7/8 but it changes to 4/4 for David Gilmour's guitar solo.

09-Sep-09 03:50 AM

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