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Sling Your Synth Over Your Shoulder
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Rob    Said...

also: whenever a keyboardist gets away from his rig, he needs cheesy sounds to go with this look. (wig not included)

01-Sep-09 11:39 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

bloody 'ell..these are shipping now?! I thought they'd been available for months?

Jan Hammer...where are you, dude? ;-)

01-Sep-09 07:34 PM

Colin    Said...

Why can't we just call it a keytar and not lie Roland? A keytar by any other name smells just as cheesy.

01-Sep-09 08:16 PM

Dizzy Dave    Said...

It's just a way for a keyboard player to step out. I actually use my AX7 in a country band with a Juno-G supplying the sounds. It's fun to play, and an attention-getter. As long as you're okay with non-weighted keys, and get used to the response, it's a valid musical instrument, cheese or not.

02-Sep-09 03:10 PM

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