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Can CMX Save The Album?
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Gav S    Said...

Something needs to be done about artwork and tagging. My IPod has gone nutso with wrong Artwork etc. I reckon something like this could work, particularly if it incorporates mp3 or can convert without loss of quality. It will be important to me to be able to delete individual tracks out of it as well. But, I am sure they will put their heads together and suck the life out of it with exclusivity, ads, drm or whatever other nasty things they can conjure up for the self effacing illusion of controlling their wealth...

14-Aug-09 03:28 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I am probably in the minority in that I hardly ever download single tracks, but go for the full album instead unless there is no album that a track belongs on. I like album art, liner notes, & lyrics, and that was previously my main reason for hanging on to the last vestiges of CD purchases) along with having a physical product that does not have to be re-purchased when hard drives die, etc. But... I cant really see people purchasing albums just to get JPEGs & PDFs of the artwork, etc. which will probably sit on harddrives & not get viewed.

18-Aug-09 12:29 AM

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