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Sonic LAB: Gotharmans deMOON Quad Filterbank Synth
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Christoffer    Said...

Actually there is an earlier "mass"-produced danish synth called droid-3 by the company Abildgard. It has an equally harsh digital sound and an even more tedious interface (one knob only).

12-Aug-09 09:57 AM

Ted    Said...

With all the poor design and interfaces out there, to head purposely into homemade stompbox land is either genius or the other thing.

I like concept boutique hardware. But y2k-era polyphony? In a DSP box?

I suppose it saves me the trouble of pouring a cocktail on a Korg MS-2000 and seeing what happens.

Still, it does cover some synth ground I don't have covered...

12-Aug-09 05:34 PM

juicy audio productions    Said...

I love the SOUND of this, simply cause it stands out and isnt too digitally crunchy to be unusable. Pity the front end is erm...poor.

13-Aug-09 12:57 PM

selercs    Said...

sounds somewhat like a waldorf blofeld/micro-q: harsh, digital sound.

not bad if that's the sound you are after.

for me, i need something like prophet 08, even if its made of analog ICs and not discrete circuitry.

13-Aug-09 08:37 PM

Wellington    Said...

I bought one... Its very useable. Managed to make a sysex template for it and can now play it from my novationSL. With some gentle coaxing it can make some wonderfully complex soft pads, but it definitely likes to be more noisy and rough. Programming it using the supplied four knobs can be tricky, but with a bit of patience it can even play some great, crunchy drum patterns from the step sequencer -triggered by the PLAY button and modulated by the Controller 1 & 2 knobs...

15-Sep-09 12:31 PM

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