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Dave Smith Intros New Tetra Desktop Synth
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eXode    Said...

Finally! I've been waiting for this news to pop-up. This machine seems like a no-brainer for me. Very very attractive!

06-Aug-09 03:54 AM

s r dhain    Said...

Interesting move, this, considering the massive price diff between a pro 08 and this 4 voice wonder. Surely a slightly fuller flavoured version, in perhaps a mono evolver keyboard like enclosure, is on the cards too? Now THAT would be a total no brainer.

As it is, as i have a mopho in the corner of the studio, the user interface is lacking a little; especially now you have the added pleasure/pain of 4 VOICES, with subs, sequences etc. $800 is about 670 here, and thats not as wallet friendly as £250 ( you can get one new for that), so it'd be interesting to see how it does bearing that in mind. As iterated above, i wouldnt mind paying a bit more for a small keybaord and some more knobs, but maybe it'd then be too close to the pro 08..who knows.

06-Aug-09 05:57 AM

juicyaudio    Said...

i must have got my maths wrong somewhere, as DV are already listing them at £490:-

06-Aug-09 06:08 AM

selercs    Said...

this is definitely my next synth to purchase on the list. i was waiting on the sidelines and watching the prophet 08 and mopho from the fence.

mopho sounded incredibly good and fairly cheap, but the pain of multitracking put me off.

now you have the tetra which is 4-PART MULTITIMBRAL (prophet 08 is only 2 part)...this amazing info is not often emphasized even by dave smith.

having a 4-part analog synth is a this has usb, and you can poly-chain it to a prophet 08, and wowza, you got a 12-voice, 6 part multitimbral analog synth...

have 2 tetras, and a prophet 08, and you have a 10-part multi-timbral 16 voice analog-megasynth.

poly chain 4 tetras, and you got a 16 voice, 16 part-multi-timbral super the andromeda, only with less knobs and a better sound (andromeda sounded a bit harsh)...

i am just hoping 2 things: 1) Dave Smith starts making synths that look serious on the outside instead of 'PUSH IT! PUSH IT!' cheese. 2) This should lead to a 16-part , 16 voice analog super synth with all knobs like on the prophet 08...with a price tag of say 2500, and i will buy it!

Dave Smith is playing it safe, because he knows these sell better...because you can buy and chain them based on your budget...if you can only afford 800 dollars, then get 1, if you can afford 3200 dollars, then get 4 of them and get a 16 voice, 16 part analog mega synth...

for me personally, i would like to get this and a prophet 08 and then i can multi-track if i need more tracks.

13-Aug-09 11:32 PM

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