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Is Apple Hiding The Risks Of Exploding iPods?
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weteve    Said...

who cares bout the ipod, but that girl is absolutely gorgeous!

wow, i'm in luve

03-Aug-09 05:18 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Apple should have told the family to shut their mouths and offered them a ton of money to do so. Now they have just opened up the floodgates for a full on iPod battery recall

Weteve, the girl is 11 years old in case you weren't aware. There are probably laws in place for talk like that ;0)

03-Aug-09 02:49 PM

3Gs user    Said...

how CHEAP IS THAT... a refund? she could have been burned badly. I just bought an apple iphone 3gs ... and the battery overheats after a long call... if it explodes on me.... theres gonna be trouble.....

03-Aug-09 05:14 PM

Marc    Said...

Yet another classic example of corporate greed and indifference. Obviously all Apple (and most other corporations) cares about is it profit margin. What Apple did should be illegal!

03-Aug-09 05:51 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Watch out... Apple have logged the IP addresses of those leaving messages on this thread, invalidated their Apple equipment warranties, shut down their iTunes access, turned turned iPhones into bricks, and sent hitmen round to their houses.

03-Aug-09 06:15 PM

The Perv Police    Said...

weteve - I think she's a little young (11) for you!

Unless you're a dirty bastard.

05-Aug-09 02:11 AM

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