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Fairlight CMI 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
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Nick B    Said...

It used to be said that they were the price of a house. I wonder what the special edition is likely to cost, given the rise (and fall) of the property market....

02-Aug-09 02:12 AM

Matt C    Said...

That looks like CD or DVD ROM drive on the front... have to say I'd be tempted although I have neither the space nor the money for one.

02-Aug-09 07:00 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Wot, no 8" floppy drive?

Its probably just a MacBook Pro motherboard running Kontakt inside a couple of chunky (and empty) boxes...

02-Aug-09 10:41 AM

I don't Like Music    Said...

Guvnor's right: if the hardware isn't the same, it will sound nothing like a IIx and you’ll be paying a premium for a poptronic IIx.

The idea seems a little half-baked and it appears Peter Vogel is simply fishing to gauge interest. The "mockup" is nothing more than a photograph of the IIx from the original fairlight brochure with a CD ROM photoshopped over the 8 inch drive bay.

02-Aug-09 11:01 AM

SekondThought    Said...

Interesting! But what would be far more interesting is to see a brand new Fairlight that's as far ahead today as the original was 30 years ago. I think they really saw the future back then, as it was the origin of what we all have now: a computer, audio I/O, disk storage, audio recording and a controller keyboard!

02-Aug-09 12:58 PM

Bjarne D.    Said...

The old school green/black interface is a bit nice, though... I think I'd like to see this in plug-in version!

03-Aug-09 04:08 AM

DoCoMo    Said...

... a Fairlight VSTi is a "great" idea.

03-Aug-09 06:57 AM

Krissy Boy    Said...

Fairlight 30th Anniversary CMI looks very, very, very cool. how much is it? when is it out? hmmm....gotta get myself one of those! Wicked machines and cool lightpens back - YAY!!

As u can tell i am a CMI Fairlight addict. i love them!

03-Aug-09 11:12 AM

mystic radio    Said...

it will either be MODERN FORWARD or Retro-dumb... who wants a 12bit system, when a simple KONTAKT system could blow it away..... maybe its for people with nostalgia minds and more money than brains..... but we will see. cant see it being more powerful than an OPEN LABS NEKO XXLand that is about 7k .. Fairlights were like 50k Canadian back then

03-Aug-09 05:10 PM

s r dhain    Said...

Someone here has already mentioned that the mock-up is probably just to fish out how much genuine interest there'd be in one, and they're right in my book.

There's some confusion over the years as to who used these, but peter gabriel, jan hammer (its all over the miami vice stuff), pet shop boys and even vince clarke defintely DID use and own them. Theyre a pig to get going now, and anyone whose used and or/seen them in terms of the hardware will know exactly what i mean; ANCIENT processing etc, so youre kippered, plus some very weird secret combos ( i kid you not) to sometimes get things going again.

The synclavier, on the other hand, is a totally different beast, and more or less indestructable, simply cause of the care and future proofing that went into them back in the day. but then those cost up to 500k (thats pounds) , compared to the celing of £50k for the fairlights.

I daresay IF (thats underlined and boldened text, metaphorically speaking), the fairlight gets remade, it would or SHOULD be in the ballpark of a synclavier, but the price tag shouldnt be pushign FIVE figures in this climate, especially as korg have found with the oasys, which was a brave attempt, but very flawed (they sound and look amazing though, i must say).

04-Aug-09 01:09 PM

Peter Vogel    Said...

Yes, no secret that the picture is a mockup. As it says on the webpage "Pre-production mockup". The specification isn't final yet, but it won't be intended to replace all the excellent products that are out there today. It will have its own special character - and certainly will sound exactly like the old CMIs for a start. More dtails as the design firms up.

04-Aug-09 04:19 PM

Jeppe    Said...

Sorry for my bad englich...

Think of this... This is not an VST host plugin. Its not going to be able to download it from the Pirat bay. And one thing for sure, its not somthing Kontakt can replicate in this day.

Every old hardwear sampler sounds a bit diffrent. Some of them in a way that you can instant hear, and make big smiles (because you like it..) Fairlight CMI is one of them. Bit resolution is only on thing, in the "sound" of an sampler. The varius machines (from diffrent brands)were not having the same transposing metods, anolog circuits, AD/DA converters, internal signal processing etc. The sum of these thing have big impact on the sound on an sampler. Even the 16 bit systems from the 90´s sounds way diffrent.

You cant replicate the sound of the Fairlight in Kontakt or similar, soft sampler today. Its a shame, but its the cold hard fact.

This is hopfully a serius atempt to replicate the "sound" of the FAIRLIGT CMI. And its Peter Vogel (one of the inventors of the Fairlight who is the man behind this) Its all sems very, very intresting, even if i am not going to afford this promising atempt...

Again, sorry for my bad English..

Regards Jeppe

08-Aug-09 03:53 PM

Jesper    Said...

and... In my dreams i would like to se an "uppdated CMI III", with an "CMI II mode", Cool...

08-Aug-09 06:10 PM

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13-Aug-09 09:31 AM

Jamie    Said...

Personally, I always saw Fairlight's return to the keyboard market would have been in the form of something like what Open Labs created. Nowadays, I think they'd be in great line to focus on a visual touch screen DAW like what Music Computing has been putting out.

29-Oct-10 08:21 AM


its gonna gost around 12 to 13 k in uk money . Still out my league. Shame really after the Neko and that was a cool synth to have - the fairlight could well easy be emulated to a degree in the sub 1500 - 2000 mark

26-Mar-11 09:25 AM

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