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Sonic LAB: Focusrite Saffire Pro24 FireWire I/Face
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Robert Enforsen    Said...

Nick Batt, you are amazing in all video clips I've seen so far! Cred to you!

//Robert Enforsen Elegant Machinery & Hype

01-Aug-09 05:14 PM

jessej    Said...

Totally agreed!

02-Aug-09 12:31 PM

Nick B    Said...

mum? Is that you? I've told you not to hang out here..

02-Aug-09 02:55 PM

daveunchained    Said...

Hi Nick, surely you can use the loopback inputs to route a mix into your DAW? Therefore you can group a set of external mic inputs into a mix and route this via loopback into your DAW. In this way the loopback inputs can act as 2 group busses or virtual DAW inputs, thus doing exactly what you require and replacing you mixing console?

03-Aug-09 06:15 AM

Nick B    Said...

Well, thats a good point, but that works with your DAW. In my particular instance I wanted to route a mic and an application output into DAW 1 which is the input to my Skype app for podcasting - this is not possible as Skype does not have it's own routing system.

I think that makes sense?

03-Aug-09 08:17 AM

X    Said...

I second Robert's comment, Nick--these detailed reviews are great. Much better than Shorn's Saffire Pro "review" :p

Quick question: is there much noise to be heard with the headphone out gain cranked all the way up? I own ${COMPETITOR'S_BOX} and while the mic preamps are very clean, you can hardly tell when you monitor via the extremely noisy headphone output...

Cheers and thanks. :)

06-Aug-09 10:30 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the feedback folks. re: Noise, I wasnt aware of it, the unit is pretty quiet all round, I didnt get the heaphone gain up full, I didnt need to

07-Aug-09 04:54 AM


i take it this does not work standalone i.e. without being connected to a computer, as a pre amp only using spdif out for example? put another way, no use with protools m

21-Aug-09 11:53 AM

Nick Byvmkb    Said...

Nope, that is correct, it needs to be hooked up to work

29-Aug-09 04:16 AM

Ryan    Said...

Anyone having trouble getting it working in xp 64? FW light is off (not talking to the driver), yet device manager detected and installed drivers for it. I have a texas instruments firewire card btw. I tested on someone else's xp 32bit system; worked 1st time, even installed 2 MIDI ports (64bit installed no MIDI). Focusrite is on holidays :(

26-Dec-09 06:25 PM

Steve    Said...

Dude, that was extremely helpful. Thank you

22-Jun-10 08:25 PM

MarkG    Said...

I have the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 which is the USB version since I think FireWire will gradually be fading out. While I love the box, the mic preamps, the MIDI In/Out and the S/PDIF IN and OUT (Coax only), the drivers for Win 7 32-bit are killing me with crashes. I get constant blue screens if I try to boot with the unit connected, and sometimes just going in or out of a DAW. I have to power on the unit after the system is boot and fully up, and even then I get BSODs here and there. VERY frustrating!

27-Aug-11 01:44 AM

Dov Slater    Said...

Hi, how is the sound quality of the Saffire Pro 24 inputs compared to their higher end mic-pres? I'm using a charter oak SA538 condenser, it's a $1500 microphone. Do you think the Saffire PRO 24 would ruin the sound of the charter oak, or do you think it would be transparent and smooth and pair well with this mic choice?

27-Nov-15 07:13 PM

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