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Mackie Cracks The Digidesign Code
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Kaux    Said...

Is it legal?

Unless it is an agreement for a Pro Tools Mackie Powered, I see legal troubles for Mackie in the near feature...

31-Jul-09 10:15 AM

NIck B    Said...

This is indeed a good question. I would imagine not, but I would also think that a company the size of Mackie would let this information out without some basis for it.

I am assuming that the two companies are in discussion

31-Jul-09 10:20 AM

The Insider    Said...

Let the informed commentary and random guessing begin!!!

31-Jul-09 11:51 AM

L56    Said...

They did it with M-Audio, so now they take over Mackie.

After all, the M in M-Powered could just as well be Mackie.

This, or they need a serious brandname that fits between M-Audio (not the best of reputations) and Digidesign.

Giving people choice and still make money of it!

31-Jul-09 01:41 PM

Kaux    Said...

I had not seen the video before my first post. Now that I saw the video, all I have to say is WOW!!!

definately Mackie is not directed by dumb people, así que Pro Tools M Powered now works with some mackie gear!!!! I am now convinced!

I am sure the dongle will be still required... wow great move by the 2 companies. And great publicity... cheap and functional! I puts something to say in people's mouth, with ultimately is the best publicity!

31-Jul-09 04:12 PM

MCal    Said...

Wow great to see my old/colleague mate Woody's still up to his neck in Mackie lol!!! I would hope Mackie have an agreement, however they could be looking at the Apple/Psystar& itunes/Palm Pro cases and trying the same thing.... Good luck to 'em

01-Aug-09 04:32 AM

orbitalstream    Said...

Lol, now that is funny vid, AVID should end the propriety interface boll*x ASAP, PT LE is going down the toilet as users demand more flexibility these days. Free the DAW from the hardware!!

01-Aug-09 01:40 PM

Traxer    Said...

Mackie better starts to make their mackie controllers work with Logic 9.

03-Aug-09 03:05 AM

The Insider    Said...

It has nothing to do with Mackie. It is Logic/Apple that need to tweak THEIR software. It's like asking ACER to make their LCDs work with a given computer if that computer company changed from the standard connector.

03-Aug-09 07:33 AM

chadman007    Said...

Bout time!!! I hate Digi & M-audio hardware. I hope this becomes more of a trend & Avid drops their proprietary hardware philosophy!!!...or manufacturers just do it anyway. I don't really care. Good job Woody!

03-Aug-09 12:27 PM

Ronald Stewart    Said...

Great! Tie 2 Bricks together and trying to make em' float!!!

Here's another 2 bricker Microsoft and Yahoo

06-Aug-09 07:21 PM

Justin K    Said...

According to the Senior Sales engineer at Sweetwater, B. Lyons, this is NOT authorized and is reverse engineering.

Your move bunch of commie Fu*ks.

17-Aug-09 04:08 PM

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